TOYO TIRES | Surprising the World – The other side of Fairy tales –


先日お披露目したブランドコンセプトムービー「Surprising the world」第3弾のメイキングVer.を公開しました。

あの「おとぎの国」の世界を実現した撮影現場は、ロシア ウラジオストク。


86のマシントラブルや天候悪化など4日間にもわたる撮影スケジュールで制作陣が奮闘した「もう一つのおとぎ話- The other side of Fairy tales -」


TOYO TIRES | Surprising the World – A Story – Long ver.…

タイヤ :PROXES R1R、PROXES T1 Sports

当社がサポートする「Team TOYO TIRES Drift」の川畑真人選手、藤野秀之選手

Hot on the heels of the 3rd installment of our “Surprising the World” brand concept movie, comes a pretty interesting “behind-the-scenes” look at how it all came together.

The location was Vladivostok in Russia and we transformed it into the fairyland you see. For this peek “behind-the-scenes” you’ll get to see a lot more exciting scenes that were shot on the heavily wooded paths and lanes found in the city along with atmospheric pavements of bricks and stone. These provided the great settings for Kawabata and Fujino to show off their all-out high-speed drift magic driving the Nissan GT-R and Toyota TA86 machines.

You’ll also get to see the shooting crew using superb techniques to capture all that thrilling action. With many problems happening with the Toyota TA86 vehicle not to mention bad weather, the 4-day shoot turned into pretty much a nightmare fairytale for the production crew, but we’re sure you’ll agree the final results made it worthwhile! Be sure to check it out.

▽See the movie here:
TOYO TIRES | Surprising the World – A Story – Long ver.…

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