FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup 2017 | TOYO TIRES 1


2017/9/30-10/1に開催された世界最高峰のドライバーが集結し競い合われる「初のドリフト世界大会」FIAインターコンチネンタル ドリフティングカップ。

世界最高峰のドライバー達を制し、日本代表の、そして、我らがTeam TOYO TIRES DRIFTの川畑選手が”世界一”に輝きました!!



優勝 川畑選手(日本)
2位 アルカーシャ選手(ロシア)
3位 齋藤選手(日本)

▽詳しくはFIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup 公式サイトをご覧ください

The most prominent racing drivers all over the world, gathered and competed, the first Drift world tournament, “FIA Inter-Continental Drifting Cup” held on Sep. 30th to Oct. 1st, 2017.

Commanding the other prominent worldwide drivers, as the representative of Japan and our Team TOYO TIRES Drift, driver Kawabata became a glorious No. 1.

On the first day, stage Leg 1, Kawabata won as No. 1 on “Tsuiso” (Battle, twin running) driving, and second day, he maintained No. 2 also on “Tsuiso”, he performed and showed us World No.1 grand driving as all the drift fans expect.

Driver Kawabata, Congratulation for the greatest No.1 win.
Dear all the fans, thanks for your hottest cheers and supports.

Result of the 1st Drift world tournament
Winer:Masato Kawabata (Japan)
2nd:Arkady Tsaregratsev (Russia)
3rd:Daigo Saito (Japan)

Please refer to the details on Official Web of FIA International Drifting Cup.

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